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Continuing Education Set in Italy

About Pronto Seminars

Pronto Seminars is a small business that organizes and hosts continuing education (CE and CME) programs in Italy. Pronto has successfully produced 25 seminars throughout Italy since its inception in 2007.

Participants and their families come from all over the world to enjoy high quality experiential content at a relaxed pace. We provide an affordable way to combine professional development, travel and relaxation.

Our classes are small and designed so that afternoons and evenings are free for wandering through the countryside, eating wonderful meals, or enjoying museum visits. Our participants tell us that learning in this relaxed environment allows for a full integration of new material and practices.

We are known for creating an intimate setting where distinguished presenters are available in a less formal way and where colleagues from many different countries become friends and get to know each other while enjoying the delights of Italy. This model provides an alternative to large conferences and online courses, and our participants have encouraged us to continue in this direction.

While we have participants from around the world, English is the language of our workshops. Space is limited.

Previous programs have included:

2007: Sorrento

“High Impact Couples Therapy:  How to Sustain Systemic and Intrapsychic Change” with Ellyn Bader, PhD and Peter Pearson, PhD (The Couples Institute)

2008: Venice

“A Tribute to Michael White: Exploring and Experiencing Narrative Practice” with Peggy Sax, PhD

“Working with Intergenerational Narratives” with Monica McGoldrick, LCSW

2009: Lucca

“The Paradox of Intimacy and Sexuality” with Esther Perel, MFT

“Engaging in Narrative Conversations: Refreshing the Spirit of Our Work” with Peggy Sax, PhD and Gaye Stockell, MA

2010: Lucca

“Integrative Restoration Retreat (iRest)” with Richard Miller, PhD

“The Healer Within” with Lee Lipsenthal, MD and Nita Gage, MFT

2011: Lucca

“Noetic Sciences: Practices for Personal and Collective Transformation” with Cassi Vieten, PhD

“The Healer Within” with Lee Lipsenthal, M.D. and Nita Gage, MFT

Lee Lipsenthal's Workshop, Lucca 2010

Lee Lipsenthal’s Workshop, Lucca 2010

“Revitalizing Care: The HeartMath System for Building Resilience While Transforming Stress” with Bruce Cryer, CEO, HeartMath, LLC

2012: Montefalco

“The Regenerative Power of Heart Intelligence” with Bruce Cryer, Global Director – HeartMath HealthCare

2012: Lucca

“The Healing Mind: The Art and Science of Mind/Body Medicine” with Marty Rossman, MD

“Noetic Sciences: The Frontiers of Consciousness Research and Practice” with Cassi Vieten, PhD and Dean Radin, PhD

2013: Montefalco

“Nourishing Heart Intelligence: Inspiration and Balance in Our Work and Lives” with Bruce Cryer and Gary Malkin, Co-Founders of What Makes Your Heart Sing

2014: Montefalco

“Mindful Living Program” with Steve Flowers, MFT

“Enhancing Care Through Mindful Awareness, Compassion and Healing Presence” with Joel Levey PhD and Michelle Levey, MA

“The Migration Story: Exploring the Heart of Multicultural Live in Therapy” with Harriet Cannon, MFT and Rhoda Berlin, MFT

2015: Montefalco

“Mindful Living Program” with Steve Flowers, MFT

“In the Crucible: Mindfulness, Transformation, and Wise Action” with Saki Santarelli, EdD

2016: Montefalco

“Taking Ourselves to Heart: Mindfulness, Care and Kindness for Self and Others with Michael Krasner, MD & Patricia Lück, MD

2018: Montefalco

“Mindful Practice: Bringing Mindfulness to Ourselves and to Our Patients” with Michael Krasner, MD & Patricia Lück,

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