Pronto Seminars

Continuing Education Set in Italy


spelloParticipants from 30 US States, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, the UK, Canada, Israel and Mexico!

Many practices, conversations, excursions and meals shared with friends! Here are some appreciations of our programs since 2007.

“Pronto Seminars provided a unique learning experience. Expertise, correct pacing, enough time for integration of material, not too much material, enough time for recreation and fun, a beautiful surrounding, optional cultural, extra-curricular events that balance the learning experience, an emphasis on embodied learning….. All held masterfully by Ron Fouts and Ron Pilato. And by ‘held’ I mean there is a sense of being cared for by knowledgeable, sensitive, loving and insightful leaders.
Steve Flowers is the ‘genuine article’ – a teacher of mindfulness techniques who walks the talk and has done for many years. He uses story, metaphor, poetry, bodywork – as well as the usual ‘imparting of information’ – to encourage the emergence of our awareness during the classes and exercises. This ‘spread’ of experience is a vital part of learning mindfulness, in my opinion, not only because each participant has a different set of learning styles that need to be acknowledged, but also because of the neuroscientific evidence pointing to the efficacy of integrated and embodied learning styles.
Simply the ideal post-graduate experience.
– Bevis Nathan, DO, London

“You organized an ideal workshop in June 2008. I appreciated learning about the topic from such effective leaders, the small number of participants from such diverse cultural backgrounds, and the time to explore the magic of Venice. You two organized every detail with thoughtfulness for each individual. Our gondola ride was a special treat! Writing all of this makes me want to return tomorrow!” – Joan Thomas, Ph.D., Ohio

“Pronto has the ability to offer the most welcoming and inclusive learning environment for practioners of the helping arts….This is the unique contribution Pronto makes to this profession: high quality teaching, multidisciplinary understanding and international networking, and all in Italy. I thoroughly enjoyed Venice, the most beautiful and reflective of cities, with colleagues from all over the world. Ron and his hospitality support partner “Just Venice” provided all the very best. Every opportunity that Pronto offers is a “must do” for as many times in a life time as you can manage.”- Rosemary Sutherland MA Hons, Dip Teaching, Dip Social Work, New Zealand

“As a presenter, I felt privileged for the opportunity to co-lead a weeklong Pronto Seminar: “A Tribute to Michael White: Exploring and Experiencing Narrative Practice.” The workshop organizers, attended to every detail with enthusiastic hospitality, making it possible for an international group of participants to experience local Italian culture while gaining networking opportunities and educational credit. I always felt well taken care of, and impressed by the organizers strong commitment to their company mission – to offer educational seminars in Italy that create an international learning community. By the end of the week, I left feeling energized and only wishing we could extend the workshop. I heard a number of participants express a similar sentiment.” – Peggy Sax, Ph.D., Vermont

“As a presenter of workshops this, my most recent experience with Pronto, has been most notable. Never before has so much attention to detail be given to the smooth flowing of the experience for both presenters and workshop participants. Even before the the workshop began we all had been introduced to each other via email and I believe this facilitated us a group to form connections quickly. Both Rons have warm and encouraging ways which I really appreciated.” Gaye Stockell, MA, Australia

“Being a speaker for Italy Seminars was even better than I ever expected. The seminar was rich due to so many therapists from different countries sharing their experiences working with couples. I also loved being able to work with a small intimate group, giving each participant a more personal experience. Pronto made us feel so welcome and provided us the opportunity to experience local Italian culture. Truly a week I’ll never forget.” – Ellyn Bader, Ph.D., Director, The Couples institute, California

“As an experienced psychologist, I can’t say enough about my experiences with the couples therapy seminar that took place in Sorrento, Italy. The presentations were professional and informative, providing terrific didactic information while giving us a way of thinking about couples, the experience of problems in couples, and the relationship between individual development and relational development…Pronto not only demonstrated the utmost respect for us as individuals but also helped our group to develop with some substantial degree of cohesion. He fostered a spirit of positive relations with fellow colleagues from around the world. I would highly recommend others participate in future seminars.” – Alan Feldberg, Ph.D., Pennsylvania

“My experience with Pronto Seminars in October 2007 in Sorrento, Italy was positive from start to finish. Ron Pilato is an exquisite director and coordinator of events who orchestrated every detail of the Italian experience to make it a wonderful interfacing of culture, academic interests, and social exchange. The professional offering was stimulating and the opportunity to gather with people of different nationalities unique. I highly recommend Ron and Pronto Seminars and applaud their ability to offer a uniquely exciting learning experience within the context of a cross-cultural setting. It was truly a one-of-a-kind experience!” – Susan Childers, Ph.D., LCSW, Washington State

“I was quite ambivalent about traveling all the way to Italy from Australia and thought about it for months before I finally took the plunge and headed off to Sorrento. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I was certainly not disappointed as it was a refreshing and challenging learning experience in Couples Counseling. I have been described as a hard task master but Ron Pilato could only be described as a perfectionist who has enormous insight into people’s needs. He was such a responsive host as he made us all feel at home and it was very easy to settle into the swing of things. Ron had not only organized brilliant training which was so rich and dynamic but he had the foresight to see the benefits of setting it within a venue that was authentic in that it was reflective of Italian culture. In addition to this, we were offered a smorgasbord of afternoon tours that enriched and deepened our appreciation of the country and our experiences. Thank you so much for showing me another world and I look forward to returning to do more training with you.” – Sandy Hungerford, Counseling Psychologist, Australia

“Pronto Seminars offers what truly is a complete package – from the participation of world-class lecturers to the unique setting in Italy as you’ve never seen it before. The attention to detail in organization and preparation are peerless, and the workshop model is the best way to get behind the books with the people who wrote them. The participants were all great, and the mixture of attending cultures, the Italian culture and setting, and the great organizers made for one experience that every professional in need of a fresh angle should consider!” -Effie Papadopoulou, Registered Psychologist, MSc, Greece

“I enjoyed every minute of my experience. I especially appreciated staying in a family owned and operated venue, for the onsite seminar, where I could rely on breakfast and dinner every night. The planned excursions and the group dining experience helped to solidify professional and personal relationships. The casual, warm, welcoming environment of southern Italy was an incredible stage for stellar teaching. I look forward to the next Pronto Seminar experience!” – Ann Kihara, MFT, California

“Most valuable was the opportunity to learn from respected and experienced experts….and what made it so enjoyable was travelling to a beautiful locale and combining work and play! Who made that all possible was Ron and his team at Pronto Seminars. Thanks for an exceptional experience from start to finish! – Kim Taylor, Ph.D., California

“The entire experience was wonderful – the learning, the environment, the family setting, the excursions and the other professionals in the group from all around the world. The intimacy of the setting, group and learning helped me to internalize the experience on many levels – personal and professional.” – Lorie J. Teagno, Ph.D., California

“…what a fabulous experience. . .whenever anyone asks me about my trip, I always say it is my favorite trip of all because of the stimulation of the conference, and then the free time in the afternoon for lovely excursions in one of the most beautiful places on earth, plus the group dynamics, the food, the laughter, the everything. Kudos to you for the idea and the follow-through to carry this off…” – Melanie Mopsick, LCSW, California

“…I want you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed being at the conference at Mami Camilla. I must say I cannot recall having such a fun time at an educational gathering,………you two are primarily responsible for putting together a memorable event. Bravo! – Manuel U. Blas, Esquire, Attorney at Law/Aribitrator/Mediator, California

“…Sorrento seems like so long ago. I am dreaming about next June in Venice. I suggested that we do 2009 in Tuscany. I think its time that I learned a little Italian since I plan on spending so much time in Italy. Everyone LOVED the pashminas and the 6 bottles of Limoncello I brought home. I wish I had bought more of both. I hope to see you all next summer…” – Lenore Heller, Ph.D. – New York

“… I have not had such a pleasant, bright and thought-provoking group of folks at a conference I have attended in many years. Someone always had a new slant on the content or the process that made me go “Huh? Hmmmm…Never thought of it like that……so you guys have no idea how much I learned, not only from Marty, but from each of you. Little things you said, that you may not even remember have stayed with me and I am finding them coming to life in my practice. I am so grateful for that….and then who could forget the three-hour meals, the wine, the laughter, and camaraderie…..” – David Ortmann, LCSW, California

“What a pleasure to spend a week with you all and get to know you in Italy! Wow, a fantastic group…” – Rita Benasutti, Ph.D., Florida

“This was a great course and it had a major impact on my practice and more importantly our lives.” – Robert Israel, MD, Alabama



“What did you like the most? What did you find most valuable and enjoyable?”

“Visiting ancient stone villages, enjoying delicious food and sampling local wines in the afternoon gave me the opportunity to fully bring to life all senses and feast on Italy’s age-old beauty.”

“One of my most striking revelations was that with the attendee’s being from so many places….we all have the same conflicts and joys.”
“Very well organized and loved the setting….”

“I certainly plan to come next year….. loved the whole experience, because of the other people there!!”

“…I am touched by who and how you are….”

“I think I learned the many facets of the heart and just how important consistent practice is in anything we undertake for the betterment of ourselves and humankind.”

“It is not only the speakers who make these seminars so meaningful but the other attendees! Wonderful interesting people from all over the world sharing their ideas.”

“Grazie Mille for creating such a heart warming, nourishing and all around beautiful Italian experience.”

“Most heart filling, heartwarming, heart calming, and heartfelt event, much more than I expected.”

“It helped me focus on the crucible we are all in in health care and examine the environment and my response to same. The location added to the “away-ness” and allowed more opportunity to devolve and meditate.”

“This in particular was very intense and powerful for the clarity it offered about resilience and how mindfulness practice can nourish this so precious human quality.”

“The presenters were top notch….meeting international colleagues…having a fun time in Italy (priceless)… and board on site were excellent…..immersion experience was excellent….”

“Excellent seminar….the entire process was smooth, balanced, relaxed and cordial….the small group and family setting is unique. The non-tourist activities provide a micro-immersion in the culture…”

“The smooth and professional organization of the workshop was first class and the speakers themselves were inspiring. Support for any and all questions before, during and after the event was outstanding and no request or complaint was left without a smile and prompt action. Full immersion into the Italian culture made the trip unforgettable and to be repeated….”

“The lemon grove tour was the most wonderful little slice of Italian life……”

“Great setting, wonderful gardens…”

“…great group of people who decided to sign up and attend…very warm family [running the venue]….”

“Mami Camilla as a venue was wonderful….Staff were friendly and helpful. Pronto staff was extremely responsive. Communal meals were enjoyable and tasty. Town of Sorrento good location. You did a wonderful job making everyone feel welcome, provided valuable information re: area attractions and trips and Mami Camilla was a charming setting.”

“The family at Mami Camilla was exceptional in meeting their guests’ needs.”

“The venue, the location and the great participants.”

“Meeting the participants!”

“Excellent networking opportunities as well as an incredible experience in Italy.”

“Food and company was excellent! Really enjoyable excursions and experiences. Sal [tour guide] made the excursion so enjoyable with his knowledge of the area….he made every effort to give guests an amazing experience.”

“You have done an excellent job….very nice, home like environment.”